Oliver Retread In Grande Prairie

100+ Years In Retreading

Transport Tire Grande Prairie is your local source for Oliver Retreads. Oliver offers a top-quality retread, supported by experts across Canada, and at a great price point. Oliver retreads can change your business with their reputation for high-quality, consistent retreads, and national fleet support. Oliver retreads offers a product that can directly impact your bottom line - you can trust Oliver  to keep your trucks moving and promises kept.


Oliver Retread Tires We Recommend

The Oliver® Arctic Drive is a drive axle retread designed for use in wet and winter weather conditions on line haul and regional applications. Directional tread design provides impeccable traction in loose soil and heavy snow. Oliver’s unique V-shaped groove provides outstanding tread stability and long wear. Exceptional performance in severe winter weather conditions.
The Oliver® Performance Drive is a drive axle retread designed to provide long mileage and excellent traction for line haul and regional application. Premium open shoulder tread design optimized to deliver outstanding traction in adverse conditions, while providing excellent tread wear performance.
The Oliver® XS-T is a drive axle retread designed for severe service off-road, at least 70% of the time, applications providing excellent traction, resistance to stone retention and wear mileage. Proprietary compound technology delivers excellent wear resistance.
The Oliver® Rev Tred Siped is an all position rib design retread for use in pickup and delivery and light truck trailer applications. Five rib design and tread elements provide lateral and directional control.