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In-House Tire Retreading In Grande Prairie

What Is Retreading?

Did you know that in many cases, a tire with worn-out tread still has life left in it? That's where retreading comes in. Retreading, or "recapping" is the process of replacing the worn-out tread on a truck tire (or "casing") with a fresh new tread, giving the tire new life. This process preserves a majority of the original material on the tire, extends it's usable life, and can mean huge savings to your equipment in the long run.

Transport Tire Grande Prairie Retreads In-House

What makes transport so different from our competitors is that we have our re-treading facilities on-location. Most competitors do not perform retreads on-location, meaning your tires are shipped long distances, sometimes to third-party companies. This can results in lost inventory, delays in turnaround, and overall diminished service. At Transport Tire Grande Prairie, we own and oversee the entire retreading process in the very shop you'll be visiting! This means better turn-around times, increased quality control, and higher levels of service. Visit Transport Tire Grande Prairie today to experience what makes us so different!

How Much Can I Save With Retreading?

You may be wondering exactly how much could retreading save your fleet. The answer to this question can vary greatly depending on the types of vehicle, the application of your vehicles (highway, forestry, etc), the size of your fleet, and much more. For this reason, we recommend getting in touch with a sales associate from Transport Tire Grande Prairie for a no-cost consultation. During this  discussion - we'll be able to better determine if retreading is right for you, and exactly what cost-savings you can achieve through a managed retread program. At Transport Tire Grande Prairie, we can even assist in managing your tire inventory and the rotation of tires on/off your vehicles to ensure minimal downtime.

Is It Safe?

Retreaded tires are very safe and much more commonly used than most know. In fact - surveys have shown over 83% of Canadian fleets are utilizing retreaded tires to run more efficient and cost-effective operations. Retreading is even used on commercial airliner tires, which land at over 275km per hour! At Transport Tire Grande Prairie, our professionals are trained to ensure every tire casing fits our high standards to ensure safe performance. This means a rigorous inspection of the casing, overlooking every piece of material that goes through the remold process.