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Medium Truck Tires In Edmonton

The Right Brands

At Transport Tire Edmonton, we offer a full lineup of commercial truck tires that fit a variety of applications and vehicles. Whether you're operating a freight truck, passenger bus, logging truck, or more - you need the right tire for the job. At Transport Tire Edmonton, we know down-time is one of the biggest expenses you can face - for that reason, we're committed getting you the tire that will be most efficient, cost-effective, and safe for your operational needs.

The Right Price Point

At Transport Tire Edmonton, we understand that tires can be a large part of your operational cost.  To serve you best, we carry a large variety of tires at different price points - what we call Tier 1, 2, and 3. Your tire needs are unique, and our associates will listen and work with you to determine the needed application, lifespan, fuel-efficiency, casing lifespan, and more factors relevant to your budget and needs. We have access to both North American tier 1 brands; however, we also have access to off-shore brands to meet all price points.

The Right Application

Every commercial truck has an application, whether it be line-haul, urban/city, regional travel, forestry, or construction. For each of those applications, it is extremely important to find a tire that is right for the job. Failure to do so can mean early wear, decreased fuel-efficiency, and significantly increased down-time. At Transport Tire Edmonton, our experts have years of experience finding the right tire for a variety of applications. Transport Tire is dedicated to ensuring your vehicles tire needs are met.

Fleet Management

At Transport Tire Edmonton, we can work with you to develop a fleet management program - ensuring your tire needs are met 24/7. This includes a program for rotating tires on and off your trucks and/or trailers, ensuring tires are inspected, and retreaded between trips. Transport Tire Edmonton can also perform fleet checks, service calls, and a member of the Michelin Service Network - ensuring no matter where your equipment is, a servicing dealer will be nearby. To learn more about how our fleet management program can benefit you, contact your local Transport Tire and our associates will be happy to discuss more.